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Five-Star, ultra-luxurious and all-inclusive Scottish cruises

The word unique is greatly overused these days, but Hebridean Princess is undoubtedly one of a kind. A Hebridean cruise, as some of you will already know, is truly unforgettable; in a world where mediocre standards are all too common you will be assured of the best of service from a hand-picked crew, for whom supreme attention to detail is the norm.

The majority of our guests are repeat travellers and their trust and confidence are not easily won. We work hard to ensure that a Hebridean Princess cruise is the most relaxing, stress-free and therapeutic experience you will ever enjoy – until of course, you find yourself back on board for a subsequent visit.

Each all-inclusive cruise is carefully planned by our own highly experienced researchers, whose brief is to capture the cultural essence and historical significance of each port of call.

We believe it is simply not possible to look after large numbers of guests properly and give them the really personal service that differentiates an extraordinary holiday from a merely good one. That is why, on Hebridean Princess, you will find only 50 like-minded souls and no fewer than 38 crew to look after you.

After an energetic walk ashore, the comfort and homeliness of Hebridean Princess welcomes you back as though to your own home; and that is how we, and more importantly our guests, like to think of this unusual little ship. ‘Like home but better’ is how she has previously been described.

The Columba Restaurant, with its cherry-wood panelling, fine artworks and discreet lighting is a romantic venue to enjoy the genial ambiance. Singlesitting dining means that your designated table for two awaits and, for solo travellers, the senior Officers invite guests to join them in convivial groups.

Unlike most cruise ships, a Hebridean Princess cruise includes all shore visits. From cultural to historical, serious walking and biking to simply strolling around the bay, the opportunities to experience the peace are endless.

No cruise on board Hebridean Princess would be complete without our specially selected guides, who have sailed with us for a number of years, contributing their particular spheres of expertise and interest to enrich your stay on board and make your holiday experience even more special.

So, at the end of your holiday, we hope that you will return home utterly refreshed and this is perhaps the reason why so many of you return to us time and time again. Welcome to a true voyage of discovery – welcome to the unique atmosphere of Hebridean Princess.

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